Dr. David Watkins
Mentor & Counselor

Are you depressed, fearful, angry, or worried?

Do you have lots of anxiety?

Are you in a rut and can't get out?

Frustrated because you're not sure of your gifts/talents?

Let me help you with some mentoring 

• Mentoring will help you overcome past obstacles, to help you reach your life goals.
• Mentoring will help you discover and identify your God-given talents, gifts, strengths, and potentials. This will help you reach your potential and bring satisfaction to your relationships
• Mentoring is a healthy relationship between co-equals. All of us need someone to help us as we travel our life journey.

• Mentoring is a "companion relationship." to help you to discover your unique gifts, talents, and abilities that may be buried deeply on the " hard disc of your heart. 
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 What are some of the obstacles that prevent us from enjoying a fulfilling life?

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