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Escaping the Deadly Drama Triangle of Life

How can we escape the deadly, dreadful Drama Triangle of Persecutor, Rescuer,Victim?

How can we stay free of unhealthy drama, the drama we play internally, and with others?

Please consider spending a few sessions to see and understand how to stay healthy in a very unhealthy, violent world

In the convenience of your home or office, you will receive online life coaching.
 Please call for information: (803)422-4306.

Powerful Questions:

Are you a prisoner in the Deadly Dreadful Triangle of Life?

 Powerlessness, Stuck, Without Hope!

Do you ever felt unappreciated for who you are and what  you do?

Have you ever felt controlled by another person or circumstances of life?

Have you ever felt powerless and hopeless?

If  your answer is "yes", you can take definite steps to escape to freedom!

I will show you how!

(803) 422-4306